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The River of Life Public Outreach Programme (ROL-POP) is a programme to foster partnerships and to improve attitudes and behaviours of target groups to reduce pollution in the Klang River, Malaysia. The main objective of ROL-POP is to generate evidential improvement in attitudes and behaviours of target groups within the Project Area towards river care and preservation in order to improve water quality and reduce pollution within the project area.

Caring for our water

FOR many societies around the world, rivers are seen as the lifeblood of a community: providing food and water for its inhabitants, connecting towns and villages as well as fertilising crops in agricultural areas.However, with the rapid development of cities and towns, many such rivers have suffered pollution — sometimes with irreversible effects.

To raise public awareness on the importance of caring for our rivers, the Society of Greater Eco Melawati (SEGM), a non-profit organisation started by residents of the area, recently launched its own Melawati River Care and Environment Centre (RCEC).

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